I am no being able to flow this object

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I tried to make this object flow in the rythim of this curve that is under it. I would like to make it flow along it and still be able to edit it. Anyone would know how can I do this?

Untitled.3dm (450.5 KB)

Hi! Still not clear what exactly you are trying to achieve. Maybe sketch a scheme for us.

The idea is to have two curves: the base curve (usually straight - for reference only), and the target curve - the one along which you want your object to flow. In your case the target curve consists of three separate segments (?).

I am tring to make this flow along this curve, but whenever i flow it along the curve, is generating this movement

Flow might not be your best choice. Sweep can do this easily; either 1 rail or 2 rail Sweep will work.
The attached is 1 rail. It works best if the object profile is positioned to the path curve so the profile is swept around the outside of the path. Note the profile is positioned at one of the narrow ends in connection with the path curve. If the middle of the widest part of the profile were to be positioned to the path curve, the swept object’s surface would cross over itself and not work out well. Sweeping with 2 rails will give you more control and minimize this type of problem.

FlowProblem.3dm (440.7 KB)

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