I am looking for plugins that are not in grasshopper by default but prove out to be really helpful (Eg. Galapagos, Ladybug..)

Hello, I am new to this community and I have recently started learning grasshopper. I just wanted to know what all plugins generally come in use and from where can I download them

For eg. Lunchbox, Ladybug, Honeybee…

I’d appreciate the responses. Thanks for your time


you might want to describe a bit what you are planning to do, so it will be easier to imagine what could be considered useful for you.

Right Now. I am an architectural student who has started rhino 3-4 days ago and has moved to grasshopper now that I am comfortable with Rhino. So I am into parametricism and organic forms so I was going through a tutorial where it asked me to do a command “meshintopoints” but it was not there in grasshopper so I wonder if there are any other such plugins that come into daily use or regular use but are not there in rhino by default. Also, I am looking to get into the computational design as well. So any information about plugins or engines would be helpful

hey cool!

I sadly don’t know much about architecture being a jeweller myself, so my recommendations will be just bad guesses;) but I am sure the commuity will provide you a lot of inputs.

For the “Mesh into Points” element, I’m pretty sure this doesn’t exist, but if you want to extract the points from a mesh, you can use the “deconstruct mesh” element and it will give you the vertices of the mesh.

if you are looking to do the inverse (mesh from points) you should have a look at the “delaunay mesh” element.

also check out this thread

Here is a nice list with description


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Hey! you said that you are into jewelry and that kind of things so I am hoping you are into CNC cutting or 3D prints as well? Let me know I actually need some guidance as I am also looking to get into a similar field, just need some guidance regarding CNC and 3D printing and a bit of detailed intricate modeling in rhino.

Hey Aryan,

sure, I have pretty good knowledge of jewelry production (being goldsmith and working with rhino since 2007, having worked as responsible for the 3d production department in the biggest molding and casting enterprise in Switzerland, taking care of over 25 3d printers with 4 different technologies, since 5 years having my own enterprise in technical jewelry design and production concepts) and would be happy to help you, if you can be a bit more precise about what you need to know. Do you have a particular project? What do you mean by ‘similar field’?


Hi Ben, Thank you so much for responding, I am a student pursuing architecture and my father is in the glass industry. A small family business that we have. After learning Rhino I realized there is a lot more usage of it instead of just in the Architectural field. So, I seriously want to help him grow his business. So I want to learn how CNC cutting and 3D printers function or what do I need to provide the person doing the printing or cutting. I do have not much knowledge. I am from India and I found some companies who are 3D printing and doing CNC cutting but I have not received any response and I don’t expect one now, other than that there are local shops but they are of no help as they don’t want to waste their time on educating someone even a little bit. So, I want to create/design mirror frames or design glass etchings.

So anything regarding CNC cutting or 3D modeling would be helpful as to what all things are to be kept in mind for printing material of a specific thickness or technical stuff like that.
I am attending some online courses and workshops but they are limited to the architectural field only. I am comfortable with Rhino but I am learning grasshopper as it would help me as a student also since i wont have to spend ample amount of time for each design instead just changing parameters would work for me.

I hope you understand my requirement. I think you are aware of these technical problems that a beginner might face since you have worked in the same field and in big firms as you mentioned. We can do a quick google meet session if you are still unclear about my requirements.

Aryan Arora



Shared some reference images. I want to get the frames you see in those images by using parametric design methods of grasshopper and get them printed or cnc cut

Hi Ayran,

ok, I see what you’re looking for. there are several points that you need to think over:

  1. this is not jewelry. I have knowledge in way smaller production of precious metal things. this is more industrial design.
  2. 3d printing is useful for several steps in the process like prototyping, but in very few cases mass production by 3d printing makes sense. production for a unique piece is mostly expensive, except you can sell it as unique piece with a unique price.
  3. your examples are way too simple to make them in one piece, you might think of creating one special ornament and assemble it afterwards.
  4. when you have a project ready that you would like to produce and are willed to put some money in for its creation, local producers usually become much more friendly :wink:

As you are comfortable with Rhino, I’d propose you make a design you want to produce and we can go over it together so it will appear more professional to your local producers, but at this point I admit to believe 3d printing will only be part of the solution.

Best –


Do you happen to have any experience with CNC cutting? because my solution for designing such frames for mirrors lies in that direction more than in 3D printing. 3D printing is relatively expensive and the production is slower. Although I feel with nozzles as small as 1 mm I can get some really complex designs using SLA resin with transparency that might help, but I am still exploring my options, while for wood I’d say CNC is the best option

Anyway Thanks again for responding

SLA doen’t use nozzles and it will probably be quite difficult to find a SLA machine that size. not even speaking about the horrible unstable end product you’ll have to keep mirrors in place…Indeed cnc is the best option for wood. But for this again, I think the best is to contact a actual producer with an actual project.

I gave took some time off to do some thinking and research and came to know that there is something known as CNC milling which seems to me as quite a nice solution to my problem. I’ll look more into it for now. Thank you so much for the support. I wouldn’t have been able to get in the right direction had it not been for you clearing things for me.