Hyperlink Text on PDF's From Layouts?

I’d like to Hyperlink some text on my layout sheets, so when I open my PDF’s the text can be clicked and the intended web page opens ? Is this possible, I can’t seem to get it work on my PDF sheets 🤷🤷

The Hyperlink information that can be attached to an object in Rhino does not automatically morph into a clickable link in a PDF created by printing that file.
The Hyperlink is internal to Rhino.

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thanks for the answer John, such a shame that, a must needed feature imho :+1:

I can add it as a future request.
I have no idea how much work it would be, or if it’s even possible.

A further complication is understanding how many other Rhino users would be helped with that development work.


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Cheers John :+1:, I’m sure this has been discussed in the past, @Mary I think has heard this a few times :grin:

Hi @milezee
I can’t test it on a Mac right now, but hyperlinks work on Windows.
Does the link in the attached PDF work on Mac? Maybe there is a security setting in your reader…
testUrl.pdf (29.3 KB)

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@Jess yes that works 🤷🤷, this would make my life so much better :joy:, I just use preview on my Mac for viewing PDF’s, and its fine with any documents which have embedded hyperlinks within them ?

@milezee now I tested on the Mac and noticed that no text was saved when I exported to PDF format.
But I’ve got it to work by running the Print command and then in the print dialog on the lower left in the PDF dialog choose “Save as PDF”.
Strange somehow… maybe there’s a better way?

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Ok, had time to test, if I paste a link into text and attach a hyperlink it works. If I have some text which I want to add a hyperlink too it fails ?? pdf attached Untitled.pdf (2.5 MB)