Hyperlink a mass property out of rhinov7 to a Google sheet?

Is it possible to create a custom macro that captures a mass property and uses the Hyperlink command to push out data points to a Google sheet cell?
EXAMPLE: create/design an object that allows the area or volume to be paired with a Google sheet.

This is easily done in Grasshopper, unless you have a more specific reason for the workflow you are describing.

My preferred excel link NPOI_Excel | Food4Rhino

Thanks for the thoughts
I did download (NPOI) and when trying to install
in rhinov7 it says rhino version not specified…
I may be just for rhino 4 + 5?

Have you used it with rhino7?

It’s been a while since i’ve used it.

Did a quick test and everything is OK.

Can you take a full workspace screenshot for my reference,Thanks!

That’s pretty much it. Only thing you aren’t seeing is the file path and output panels.

Do note that the excel documents can’t be in use while running the components.