Hyperboloid Measurements

Hi! I’m trying to do this hyperboloid to be constructed. Since I need to buy the materials, I tried to do them of 3 meters or in factors of 3 and also I was trying to make the angle of 45°.
I’m having trouble with setting the angle and also, trying to find the distances between each point. I used the component “Intersect curves” to find all the points but then I think it’s very messy how the points are displayed and I haven’t found a proper way to see all the distances between all the points.

picture 1 shows the problem with setting the angle of 45°, because when i try to set the plane or the perpendicular plane, it shows in the wrong direction, therefore, i cant rotate each line in 45° depending on their individual origin point and plane

picture 2 shows how the numbers in points are display in a messy way and I havent been able to find a proper way to measure it between points…

Thanks for helping me!

hyperboloid.3dm (692.6 KB)
hyperboloid.gh (58.7 KB)

hyperboloid Edited v0.gh (13.3 KB)
The mesh faces are not flat.