Hyperbola: From Vertex - drawing problem

There seems to be a drawing problem when making a Hyperbola using the 'From Vertex" option. Rhino only draws it when your mouse is in a ‘valid’ zone, which is fine, but nothing appears when you’re outside the valid zone, and that’s very confusing. Also if you snap to the very inner part of the valid zone (using grid snapping for example), it still doesn’t draw it, which is actually incorrect. Can this be remedied?

btw, can someone explain Hyperbola: From Coefficient?


I notice that Rhino for Mac inherits this behavior from Rhino for Windows (5 SR-10). I admit, I didn’t use the command with this options until you pointed it out…and yes, the behavior does seem a bit confusing. I’d like to hear the history of the logic behind this before I file it as a bug. @pascal do you know why Rhino stops drawing the hyperbola preview when the mouse is outside of the vertex’s zone …also, I would expect it to continue drawing the vector that determines the zone even when outside of it. There’s probably something I’m not understanding though.

btw, can someone explain Hyperbola: From Coefficient?

Does this help?