Hydrostatics function

Hi, have you considered to include 2nd order area moment evaluation at water plane level for hydrostatic stability purposes?

Regards Pål

@stevebaer, do you know of a plugin (for Rhino for Windows) that performs this?

@dan @palgroth
Rhino for Windows has a native Hydrostatics command as well as tools for importing and exporting GHS file data.

Mac Rhino currently includes the Hydrostatics command, but not the GHS I/O tools.

Well, Orca3d does it. What I really would like is to get the water plane area moment of inertia, which I could calculate by using the area moment function on a section in the water plane. It should be easy enough to include it in the hydrostatics function. If I have the water plane area moment of inertia I can easily find the metasentric height by dividing the area moment with the volume displacement of the structure.


You’ll need to calculate it for now. The command is defined in the shared calculation code in Rhino V5. We won’t be making any changes to V5 code that requires user interface changes.
I’ll get it on the feature enhancement list for V6.
Eventually, w2hen Mac Rhino shifts to the V6 code base, then the command will show up in Mac Rhino.

Added: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-30515