Hi all,

I am quite new to revit.
I am having an issue could be quite basic hope someone can guide me to a right direction.
Now I have a lot of walkway models were created in rhino and I have pushed them into revit using hummingbird. But then I found that the walkways cannot be used as common floor family to apply a balustrade family on it. Therefore I have to use the imported walkway as a reference to rebuild the walkways again in revit to generate balustrade.
It is a lot of pain…
Does anyone have similar issue before and what is the best way to do it?
Appreciate for any suggestion,


Can you post a screenshot of the walkway?

I’m an experienced Revit user but not 100% sure I know what you’re making…

P.s. I have an adaptive component balustrade family which can be hosted on just about anything; it has some limitations, but if the ballustrade is the only issue then it might be the answer…

On the left in green is a sloped floor that I made in Revit - as you can see, the balustrade family hosts to it normally.
On the right is a simple Adaptive Family that I pushed to Revit from Rhino using the AdapComps Hummingbird node - it can’t host to it (it won’t even let me select it!)

Through Googling I found multiple tutorials detailing how to creating a new railing family using Adaptive Components, but not creating adaptive floors to work with basic railing families

Thanks in advance!