Humble Assessment thus far

This is great Jeff, thanks for the help. This command -ToggleOsnapPanelUnderCursor - is entered in the cust dialogue and given a menu icon and/or keystroke? For some reason, I can’t get the preferences in Rhino to recognize any mouse buttons on my mouse (Logitech Performance MS) so I’m having to work around it by creating a keystroke combo and then assigning it to a mouse button in the system prefs panel. Any notion about a driver issue with Rhino and Logitech?

James, out of curiosity do you have the (correct) Logitech mouse driver installed in you system prefs, and tweaked to your liking?

I use the Logitech Anywhere MX Darkfield mouse (over-priced, but I like it a lot—except MMB has to be defined for the button below the scroll wheel). Without the proper driver (see here if you need it) the dang thing is quite naughty.

And no, I don’t need to do anything weird in the global Sys prefs once I’ve identified the proper mouse buttons in the Logitech driver. Interestingly, and you may already know this, Logitech even allows one to make application specific button definitions if you really like brain pretzels!


I use the same mouse.
that said, I had problems with the Logitech driver years ago and have since quit using it.
so I just let OS X drive it and rhino recognizes the buttons fine.

So did you actually remove the Logitech driver so it must refer to the OS X control. I use the application specific option in the Logitech interface which is nice.

I’ll check the link Dave and see if I need an update but I’m pretty sure I have it installed. I don’t like the scroll wheel as a button, I find it more trouble than it’s worth. What I do is assign the middle click to the zoom button on my mouse. I’m trying also to create a second popup menu and engage it with forward button but no luck so far.

Well Dave, I did need an update, or rather a newer version (the ‘update’ function in Logitech just concerns itself with the current version) But after installation, I still don’t get any response in the R prefs for mouse buttons.

Like you, Jeff, my Logitech driver also crapped out a while back (suspect some System update broke it). This prompted me to update it to v 3.9.2. All seems to be working nicely now on OSX 10.10.5 for a few months. I’m no longer using application specific settings for Rhino, but have opted for the Global settings that work best for Rhino.


You’re probably going about this the right way, but I remember that I had to do some fiddling to get this type of thing to work. In case it helps, in Logitech System Driver, I did this:

Then in Rhino Prefs, I put the desired routine under the desired button

It works for me, in case that’s any reassurance.


i think i removed it… i can’t really remember… i’m talking maybe 8-9 years ago…
i’ve continued to use logitech mice but i haven’t installed their driver in quite a long time… just plug&play with osx

I like the idea of one less program between the mouse and the app but My other apps don’t provide a means to repurpose the mouse buttons like Rhino. That’s a nice aspect. Thanks for the layout help, I really like the cleanness of it. BTW did you mention putting the object snaps on a button? I noticed that now after I’ve selected a tool, I can’t make any changes in the snaps dropdown.

yeah, i only customize my mouse in rhino via its own customizing abilities… i used to use another application in which the mouse was customizable but no longer… for the OS and all my other software, i just use my mouse as a regular 3button mouse.

right, my object snaps are on a button using the ToggleOsnapUnderCursor command.

when using that, your osnap panel will look like this:

in Preferences-> Mouse-> Buttons
pushing a mouse button will (should) highlight which button number you’re pressing… here, i’m pressing one of my thumb buttons and you can see Button 4 highlighted in yellow… so whatever command or macro i enter will run when i push that particular button.

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Okay, that makes sense. I think the logitech prefs override the OS. I’ll try to put this item in the hard way. While we’re in this panel, what is the screen edges option used for?

screen edges are another way to trigger commands or macros.

personally, i use them for the sidebars.

(toggling the left sidebar via going all the way through my second display may seem a little weird at first but osx mouse acceleration makes it just a quick little jab left to get there.)

Very nice.

The option shown in your screen shot is not available in my preferences dialogue. Perhaps I could try using that particular pref panel (and perhaps make a real CF of my mouse) It may be worth some research or a newer mouse. :smile:

I echo some of the sentiment of the original poster. I have been very impressed with this V1.0 product. I am anxiously awaiting the missing features (e.g. to do page layouts).

I agree and disagree with the user interface proposal. (1) I think there are issues with the user interface. For example, I don’t think the little buttons at the left sidebar are very effective. (2) I don’t have enough experience yet to say what you should do to correct but I am thinking about it. (3) I don’t like the idea of an infinitely customizable user interface.