HUMAN UI_ pull down list with multiple choices

Dear All,
Is it possible to get pulldown list with multiple choices like example below?


Thanks in advance for help.

Standard GH Value List has that option: (right-click it to choose appearance)


Thank You for answer but I would like to have it on interface HumanUI window (not in Grasshopper Canvas).

The Checklist is good for this, and you can put it in its own scrollviewer if you want to limit its height:

Thank you for your help.

ScrollViewer is what I am looking for but with respect to view option is it possible to make it only for checklist, not for the whole window.

I have more elements on window interface (like pull down menu, button and text boxes) and I would like to put only checklist in the scroll viewer.

the example I posted only puts the checklist in the scroll viewer. If you don’t want elements in the scroll viewer, feed them directly to the window like any other element.

Yes, I have seen. But on my computer scroll viewer still include the whole window not only the checklist (despite putting only checklist to the scroll viewer). Please look at the file in attachment. (6.7 KB)

Don’t feed the elements that you’re putting into the scroll viewer into Add Elements as well, and it will work.

Thank You for help. I missed to define height of the scroll viewer. I thought that default value was assigned to height parameter.

I have one another question: is it possible to create pull down menu with multiple choices?