HUMAN UI dynamically defined dropdowns

Hey @andheum and co, we’re trying to put together a Human UI interface for one of our projects and we’ve run into a problem with the Create Pulldown Menu component.

When the inputs for this component are generated within the GH definition (ie. a text item is generated for each branch in a list of geometries) the definition crashes. If the exact same values are input manually through a panel, it works fine.

Is this a known issue? Is there any workaround? Ideally we want to be able to generate through the GH definition so the same UI can be used across different files.


the golden rule of human ui is no input to a create component changes after the window opens. Populate the pulldown menu with static dummy data first then use “Set List Contents” to update it.

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Great stuff! Thank you

Hi @andheum, we’re using Peacock & Human UI and are also having a problem with a list that is dynamically updated from a Peacock component. This Peacock component uses the Cluster Tools component developed by Florian Frank,

When the Reg (Region) value is changed via the Human UI form, it is not updating the size component with a new list. Any suggestions as to how to resolve it would be greatly appreciated.


without a copy of your definition I’m not clear what’s going on here or how you’re using cluster tools. But I suspect it’s exactly the same issue as above:

In other words you may not change the value lists being used to populate the pulldown menu, whether with cluster tools or any other means.

Thanks for your reply Andrew. I thought that was the issue.

The Gauge component from Peacock has a region list (US, UK, Europe, Japan…), and the Size Dropdown list is re-populated with values depending on the region selected.

Region= US / Sizes: 5, 51/4, 51/2, 53/4, 6, 61/2…etc
Region= UK / Sizes: E,E1/2, F, F1/2, G, G1/2…etc

I have attached the definition. If you have any suggestions for a work-around it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,

Peacock_v0.99.1_Rings_Components_Ring (23.1 KB)

The solution is the same as the above: provide a “default” list to all create components, and do not change them, then use “Set List Contents” to update the pulldown with the values you want. Since your cluster is password protected I cannot fix the “magic” inside provided by cluster tools. Attached is one approach to this (although you lose your “magic” as I’ve deleted the value lists.)
Peacock_v0.99.1_Rings_Components_Ring (26.8 KB)

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Awesome @andheum. That solved the problem. Thanks again :+1: