Human UI "Add elements question"

Hi everyone, I’m a french student and I work with grasshopper to develop an Origami 4D. I would like to use Human UI to create an application wich permit to choose the width etc with a 3D view of my model. My problem is when I use the ellement “Add Elements” I can only add one slider (linked to my parameter). If i try to add another slider to the Add elements, the previous link is deleted. I’m using a trial version of Rhino but I don’t think there is a link. Can somebody help me please ? Sorry for my english.


Nobody have an idea, I’m really stuck … It would be appreciable … Thank you !

shift the to attach multiple elements

Thank you for your answer, I feel stupid haha. Have a nice day

How did you set to attach multiple elements finally?
I am still stuck…

hold shift key while drag new elements to the knob

Thanks for your clear answer!