Human UI Accent Colours

Is there a way to use custom colours or RBG values with the set window properties component? Or even use more standard colours other than those in the list (e.g. ‘black’ etc)


I cant find a good match within the 20 or so built in accents - any way around this?

I don’t think so, You can find why in this comment on its source code:

public class SetWindowProperties_Component : GH_Component
  // These are all the accent colors supported by Mahapps.Metro, found here: 
  private string[] ACCENT_COLORS = new string[] { "Amber", "Blue", "Brown", "Cobalt", "Crimson", "Cyan", "Emerald", "Green", "Indigo", "Lime", "Magenta", "Mauve", "Olive", "Orange", "Pink", "Purple", "Red", "Sienna", "Steel", "Taupe", "Teal", "Violet", "Yellow" };