Human TextToScreen + MeshToScreen Problem

I have noticed that when I use a combination of TextToScreen + MeshToScreen in a Prepsective view, when I rotate the camera both the text and the mesh sometimes dissapear and also at thimes Rhino crashes. Any idea how to solve this issue? I use Rhino 6.

I have a similar problem. I also use MeshToScreen (to create a legend on the screen), TextToScreen (to write values next to the legend) at the same time. What I experience is that my mesh is entirely black and do not take any colors that I give to it. Sometimes the mesh is not there at all, like for the author with the question above. Input data both in grafted or flattened versions does not bring any difference.

Another issue with MeshToScreen is that sometimes the MeshToScreen distorts the geometry, unfortunately, I do not have any screenshots of that glitch, it happens randomly. Could that be that it is my graphic card messes p the preview?

Seeking for help!

My Rhino version: 6 SR22 (from 28.01.2020), Grasshopper 1.0.0007.

Update. MeshToScreen being black was solved by viewing in Rhino in shaded mode (not in wireframe!)