Human "Item Selector" with Stream Filter?

I do want to use the Human Item Selector component as input for the Stream Filter component and looks like there it is no way to convert the string from the Item Selector to an index number to feed the data into the Stream Filter. It is there a workaround for this situation?

Human_Item_Selector_IndexNr_output (1.2 KB)

You can use the value list component in native gh that returns numbers for each entry in the list

Yes, but that component don’t change the values dynamically.

The yellow panel from the left is updated dynamically based on some rules, and I want to feed one of the items to the Stream Filter.

Oh ok.

Then maybe you can get the string from the human component and use member index component in native gh to get the corresponding index number and then pass that to the stream filter / list item.

I’m not near my PC to see if this works. Please check and let me know

If your data is in a parallel list, Filter By Item will work, otherwise @keshavanarayan82’s suggestions works well:

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Thank you. This solution works as expected.