Human for Rhino 6: Include Treefrog


New Human/Treefrog user here. Incredibly useful - I hope to capture test cases using its serialization tools, and already it let me do some heavy lifting with rhino’s geometry groups and @Petras_Vestartas’s fantastic OpenNest tool:

@andheum I’d like to humbly recommend/request that Treefrog be included in the Human for Rhino 6 download. Currently, I install Human for RH6, and then install TreeFrog.gha from the Human + Tree Frog archive. Thankfully there is no version mismatch, but I think that it would be simpler to do future deployment from a single archive.

If you’d like, I’d be happy to help you package the two as an RHI installer that auto-builds from the project’s Visual Studio solution.

Thanks for building such a useful set of tools!


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I just ran into this issue, having to re-install Rhino and GH on a new machine.
It also took me some time to figure out that it was Treefrog which was missing due to the cryptic naming in the “Unrecognized objects” dialog.
I also wish Treefrog was integrated in the V6 version of Human.

this is a result of me having absolutely no idea what I was doing at the time I wrote treefrog


Don’t worry, I’m like this all the time.

I suggest that the Treefrog tools be moved in the “Sets” tab, albeit remaining a separate toolbar.