Human Compatibility and ShapeDiver

I’m currently using Rhino 7 and have Human and ShapeDiver is kindly notifying me that I can only use Human What can I do to roll back the version? Is there any other work-around? Is Human supported on Rhino 7?

Many thanks in advance!

Human.gha (400.5 KB)

You can download the right version above, it is supported on Rhino 7.

We are currently working on improving the accessibility for the plugin versions supported on ShapeDiver. We are also trying to stay up to date with all latest versions but this involves a lot of manual work which is time consuming with the growing list of plugins we support.

Hey Mathieu!

I’ve installed that file into my Components folder (I couldn’t find the version in that folder) and when I create a new document - I get no errors but when I use Metahopper to check my component version it says

This likely means that you still have version installed, I guess you installed it with the package manager. Just open the package manager in rhino 7, check the list of plugins you have installed and uninstall Human from there.

Hey Mathieu, I opened up the Package Manager and realised it’s quite simple! It’s quite direct to uninstall and re-install older versions. Thanks for the help!