Human Bake with Layers not taking grafted and flattened inputs


I’m trying to bake lines out of grasshopper to specific layers with a specific color. Every two lines will receive the same color and be on the same layer. When I try to do this in Human, it does not bake properly and neither does lunchbox. Attached are the problem images with Human. Images below.

problem1 shows the issue. So I have 125 data branches with two elements, each branch will receive one color and be baked. Human does not do this–it bakes the first 5 lines then freaks out.

problem2 shows what the resulting lines should look like. Notice that the first 5 red lines were properly baked, but it doesn’t do the other 120 lines. I’ve done this before on Rhino 5, but work computers are Rhino 6 now, so I’m not sure what’s wrong

problem3 shows the component happy, but the colors are wack. I flattened the stream of lines coming in and it baked.


Any ideas what could be wrong?




hard to say without the definition but I think you need to graft the att input rather than flattening the geo input.

Hi Andrew,

Here is the definition with internalized data. Model units in millimeters. I thought grafting would solve it too, but there are duplicate lines. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem (i’d selDup and delete), but the final project has 375000 lines.

script to (97.9 KB)

Thanks for taking a look at it.

when I bake with your definition I get no duplicate lines. Are you sure this is a problem?