Hull Surface Thickened for 3d Printing

Hello Everyone

I’ve designed a Russian Corvette hull to be 3d printed at 2.5mm hull thickness. When trying to thicken the lofted surface using the offsetsrf command i’m getting a terrible mess.

Can someone take a look at the attached file and show me how to thicken my hull surface so its 2.5mm so I can 3d print my design. I’m working at 1/72nd of the real ship.

Thanks for looking


Hull Lines.3dm (12.2 MB)

You have a couple problems that make offsetting not work.

First the hull is a degenerate surface. You can fix that by using split by isocurve (SplitSrf) to split off the bow making 2 surfaces.

The other problem with offset is that their are several areas where the curvature is so tight that the offset collapses in on itself. I would just cut those areas out and fill the gap with a loft.
Hull Linesx.3dm (9.5 MB)

If you mirror copy your halves and join them together, the offsetsrf does not come out too bad.

There are some problems at the bow, especially near the sonar dome that could be fixed manually. However, there are some slight defects in your shape that become apparent when mirrored.