Hull scaling issues from Rhino to maxsurf

Hi, I have a hull which was designed in solidworks by a coworker and I am using Rhino to scale it to size before importing to Maxsurf. The original file is in IGES format and I am exporting the scaled file from Rhino to Maxsurf in the same format. When I scale the model down, the global co-ordinate system remains the same size. When I import it into Maxsurf, the model becomes very small with respect to the global co-ordinate system and I am not able to do proper analysis on it. Is there any way I can change the size the global co-ordinate system such that the model is not relatively small?

What units does Maxsurf use? Your Rhino file needs to have those same units I think.

Maxsurf uses metres and I did too. In rhino I noticed that the units can be changed for the model and the layout. I have set both to metres. Is that correct?

Hi -

Not necessarily so, no. But it probably doesn’t matter as I suppose that you are not actually using a layout in this process.

As for this one:

I’m afraid I have no idea what you mean by that.
You set the document units in Rhino (the model units) and then have to make sure that the dimensions of an object make sense in that unit.