Hull Assitant Scaling

I’m trying to use the Hull Assistant with Orca to create a 7.7m RIB that is developable. The RIB I want is not really fitting the RIB template, and it’s being made from aluminium so I need to make plates from it.

Using the DevHullAssistant seems to give a good starting point for what I want but the scaling is huge (40m to transom) I tried scaling all values down but sections just vanish and the model looks broken. What is the best solution to this? Are there other templates I can download for this as a starting point?

Hi Paul,
The DevHullAssistant is very sensitive to the initial input. In this case, rather than scaling the default chine curve (which is the starting point for the entire design), it would be best to draw the curve first, and then select it in the Assistant.

That said, you might be better off using the LoftedDevHullAssistant, which is more intuitive.


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