Huge file size

Hello, my grad project model is now 2.6Gb and it wont even open at all like it always crashes when i try to open what can i do to solve this problem…i just need it to delete some stuff or copy half the project into other file

Hi - have you tried importing it into a new file where all viewports are set to the Wireframe display mode?

Okay, Ive done that but now it is very slow is there a way to make it lighter ??

Hi - if your system can’t handle the size of the file to the point that it can’t be opened, I would recommend to split it up in different files.
Other than that, you could make sure that your render mesh quality is set to “Jagged and faster” or “Custom” with settings that make even rougher display meshes. You can also extract render meshes and join those of objects with the same color/material into a single mesh and then hide NURBS geometry that you don’t need to work with.