Huge Autosave File Sizes

Whoops, okay good point. I was thinking about the Make2D point first - as I could replicate it constantly, I wanted to ensure it wasn’t an erroneous point. Pretty sure I mailed this to his McNeel address. I’ve just sent him the link via discourse now for the 9 GBish file.

Thanks @andy and team :slight_smile:


Attached is a plug-in that will purge all unused texture mapping table entries. Just load the 9Gb on your machine, drag and drop the plug-in onto Rhino and type “PurgeTextureMappingTable” at the command prompt.

It should now save way, way smaller.

  • Andy

PurgeTextureMappingTable.rhp (101 KB)

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As for the Make2d issue - the file I have doesn’t have any 3d geometry (the 9Gb one). It must have come across corrupted.

Let’s solve this by first reducing the file down to a reasonable size, then you can send it to me to look at the Make2d issue.

  • Andy

I’ve sent you a different file that points to this problem. Let me know if you see the same.

Thank you! Is this something that is considered for being added to the Purge command in future? Was this something already available as a dev tool in plugin form, or newly made? Thanks for your help - I really appreciate it!

What do you think has generated the excessive amount of texture mapping entries?

It’s newly made - but I will add it to purge soon for v7.

The only thing that I can think of is that someone selected a load of objects and unwrapped them all.

Cool! For now I’ve just done it as an alias tagged onto purge.

Do you feel it’s something that was necessary to add on? (Not esoteric or anything?) - by which I also mean, is there any value of the mapping entries being in the table, if they’re no longer used?

Is there an open YouTrack number for this?


It is something that was just missed when Purge was written. It should always have been there.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen an issue with this though.

Thanks Andy. It’s certainly been handy. Even today, on a new and totally different file.

Hi Andy,

See the below text file of a command history. I think some curves must have entered the texture mapping table? is that right? the curves were a result of Make2D.

Line 127, Lines 43-46

PurgeTextureMappingFromCurves.txt (6.2 KB)