Hub & Spoke Geomtery determining Domain direction at a Seam


How do I swap domain sense…


HubSpokes (20.6 KB)

Such that it works for all divisions of the circle with the POLAR ARRAY component

Hi @Proterio,

Here’s a quick workaround!

It doesn’t exactly answer your question about swapping the domain sense. I guess what you were looking for is the Flip (Flip curve) component, which well flips the direction of a curve, thus “reversing its domain”.

Anyways, I hope this helps. And have fun with it!

HubSpokes (19.7 KB)

P.S.: I really dig the cleanliness of your definition! A+

Thank you!
I am most curious why you used SIMPLIFY on the shattered sub curve pieces?
and why you would choose SHATTER over SUB CURVE?
And why do you prefer LOFT to RULED SURFACE?

I ended up moving the seam such that no curve piece crossed it. But this is a valid solution and very instructive!

You’re welcome.

Some shattered curve segments have superfluous points, where for instance seams were located on the original curve. When these curves are not simplified these points sometimes lead to undesired “isoparms” on the lofted surfaces. Try to remove it and you’ll see first hand what happens.

It’s a many roads lead to Rome kind of thing! I just knew it would work and be quick. That’s pretty much it. :wink:

Do I? Wut?

Great idea, although tedious! :slight_smile:

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