Here was my first design for Los Angeles’ The Autry Museum.

and the selected Version:

Plus, here’s some Rhino Production screenshots.

and physical production pics:

Here it is installed:

This is my wife’s video opposite of the bench installation:

Processing: Autry 2016101414_130306.CR2…

Anyway, if you live in LA. You might should go see it.


This is beautiful. One of the best examples of a “parametric bench” as they are often called on this forum.

Did you steam bend the timber?

We did, and thank you @martynjhogg . I built a 10ft chamber and we could steam 6-8 per hour. There was a lot of snapping, burns, and cursing for a month, because each piece didn’t have a proper ‘trapped’ mold, but was rather free floating, pinned in 4-6 intersections. Also you only have about 30 seconds before the Oak’s temperature drops below optimum elasticity… and you either break it, or it snaps back too much. That said, the challenge of forcing it into a sweet bend (and it staying there, to cool and dry) more than made up for the constant failures. :slight_smile:


Wow, oak! I can imagine that would be hard to bend. Result looks great though!