Https certificate on compute instance?

We got a compute instance running on an Azure VM
Does compute support the use of HTTPS with an SSL certificate? How can one add the cert and additional listener for port 443?

To get Compute to listen on port 443, as well as port 80, change the RHINO_COMPUTE_URLS environment variable from http://+:80 to http://+:80;https://+443. Restart compute for the change to take effect. You can use win-acme to get a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Choose the “full options” when creating the new certificate, since Compute isn’t hosted by IIS. You’ll need a (sub-)domain pointed at your Compute instance for this to work.

The binding of port 443 worked as expected, but will need information regarding how to bind the cert specifically to Compute’s internal web server. The attempt to generate the cert outside of IIS is successful but is not reflected in Compute.

For anyone wondering, I got our IT guys to dig around deeper. They found that the compute process has port listeners that handle traffic that actually comes through IIS, which is indeed the first point of entry. Now they’ve set up the https cert correctly, and I won’t get “mixed content” errors making calls from other https domains.

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Hi @Will_Wang (or @will) would you mind sharing how you guys did to set up the https certifications correctly? I’m in the same situation here.