HRhino File that has be Corrupted


Hi i have been working on this file for awhile and when my comptuer frozen the program was saving . Since then i went to open it and it would not. the couruption is beyond my knowledge. the Root Element of the file is missing and rihno will not recongnize it. The bak file is also corrupt and i was interested if there is any programs or tips for helping me recover. even a company that you recomend i would be willing to pay to get a recovery


I teach a class and this happens once in a while, so we have rules in place to avoid loss of work (or the urge to lie and blame the software and get out of work.)

I never developed a recovery method, so here’s what you do from now on:

  • Incremental save every 30 minutes.
  • Any loss of data will result in no more than 29 minutes of re-building.
  • Just open the prior file version # and keep going.
  • Too many files? Just keep the last 3 and you’re good.
  • Be double safe by using an automated back-up like Crashplan. Their free utility will back up a drive or folder to any other location for free. (You only pay when you use their servers.)
  • Never never never have one version of your work. It’s crazy!

Sorry for your loss…

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #3

Good advice @schultzeworks thanks.
How do you notify yourself of the 30 min interval? do you set a timer? is there some tool that can help with that? I find myself concentrating and loosing track of time frequently…


There is no timer I have seen … I just do it out of fear and paranoia.

Actually, any interval is better than none. I’ve seen students lose 6 weeks of work because (1) they had no back-up and (2) they forgot to incremental save.