HowTo: Scale for a layer simple wood texture

Any idea how to quickly set up scale for a layer wood texture, since in the material tab there are no values. Where can i find them? Don’t want to set it as Planar per object but only for quick viewport evaluation globally as layer style.

thanks for the quickest approach on this!


Edit: I see you said globally. I don’t know if that is possible. You can select multiple objects for mapping.

Under the Properties tab you will find “texture mapping”. For a closed polysurface you can use the Box type of mapping.


so you can select multiple objects and apply the style. is there a way to copy the style? to new objects? or is this always a manual process?

I used Auxpecker in the past, but version2 is not properly working in V5(64bit) wanted to assign an extra material in Auxp

You can use MatchProperties to copy the material to multiple objects or set the material by layer and put all objects in the layer.

For mapping, you can use MatchMapping: