How would you go about panelizing a surface into a triangulated mesh to extrude it?

So I have a ruled surface. I want to make an exoskeleton from it.

I can easily achieve this with: Mesh command>Triangulate>Mesh Machine from Daniel>Weavebird

Problem is this generates a rather chaotic exoskeleton.
So, Lunchbox gives some nice panelizations, but my question is, how do I continue with the previous process to generate the exoskeleton? Because Lunchbox simply outputs many untrimmed surfaces.

Any insight is welcomed, and any ruled surfaced will do, I think there is no need to upload a def.

If @laurent_delrieu could give some insight on how he did it here, it would be great! I am not talking about the exoskeleton itself (he very kindly provides the def), but about the sudivision of the mesh or surface to achieve a regular pattern.

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for the subdivision of the mesh, I did it by hand for the main mesh, then there is a subdivision of my own that mimics Morpheus Macro Windows.
Make by hand the main mesh (quad or triangles it is up to you to choose), subdvide it (Weavebird, Mesh+ …) then project it on your surface.

mesh带厚度网格.gh (16.1 KB)
Is this what you want?

Pretty much, thank you. Although I was hoping to be able to continue from the lunchbox panelizing, to be able to try different patterns.