How would one create this garden integrated ramp/shelter/building?

Hi all,

I need to create something similar to this, as a shelter/hut. Can anyone provide guidance on how to actually achieve this? The end will be closed off. I am specifically referring to the ‘slit’ at the back with the highest point at the center sloping off.

The dimensions of the corner are as follows 8m9.5 for the triangular bit with the curvy bit measuring 13.8m. Height at its peak will be 3.5m internally. 3.8m externally. These details probably aren’t required but too much information is never a bad thing. The heights can be adjusts somewhat but I would like to stick to these heights for enough height clearence, this is essentially going to be a hut/reading space/meditation space. Will require a couple of skylights as well.

Thanks in advance.

Hello - have you tried? Do you have the terrain model in place? Please post a file with what you have or show where you are stuck - if you have no idea what to do, please start here:



Unfortunately, whilst you may have a clear idea in your head what you want to achieve there is way too little info here for outsiders to properly understand that.

If you are stuck for ideas then grab a pencil and pad and start sketching - its a much quicker and freer way to explore concepts than trying to model them.

If you are stuck on how to use Rhino, then do the tutorials.

If you are not a structural engineer then be prepared to hire one - building under ground can involve some hefty forces.

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