How would make a candle?

I was using SubD to make a simple candle glass. It’s beautifully easy to make curved and soft geometries. But I soon faced with this conundrum; how do I lit it in a convincing manner? In Sketchup, PNG follows the camera, so it’s quite a simple manner. I understand that this may not be feasible with different camera views existing in Rhino. I have used a script that makes images face the camera, but I wouldn’t want to run the script every time for candle lights.

How would you guys make nice looking candles?

Hello - with PBR materials materials in Rhino 7, you can make a reasonable looking candle-

Candle test.3dm (284.6 KB)



Thank you. Unfortunately we use Enscape which doesn’t support PBR yet.

why dont you model the fire with some quick loft, use a png where the fire runs into transparency and flow that up the loft or use it as a texture.

I think I kind of understand what you mean (not exactly sure), but I guess essentially, just actually model the fire and use transparency PNG. I will try that.

Just in case there’s some insight I’m missing, would you mind explaining what you mean by “flow that up the loft,” please? Did you mean to specify a command?

i meant FlowAlongSrf, but a texture is sure better.
not as cool as pascals, but its therfore renderview not rendered. you can also set the transparency in the texture on rhino, no need for transparent png.

I see. Thank you for the example as well.