How would I save a .3dm file as IGES?

An online machine shop wants to work from an IGES file. The file was created in Rhino 5.0. If I open the 3dm file in Rhino 5, and then attempt to use “Save As…” I am given IGES as one choice. However, when I try to proceed, the directory suddenly goes blank except for an old folder containing a Bongo render.

Same basic problem if I try to save the 3dm file as an STL. All the files in the folder vanish from view except the old Bongo render.

Curious business. Thank you for your insights on how best to convert a 3dm file to IGES. Many thanks. Michael

Hi Michael - I am just guessing that there are no other iges files in that folder? The view is filtered for that file type once you specify one. If you save the iges and then repeat the process, do you see the one you just saved?


Many thanks Pascal. I was able to save the file in IGES format by ignoring the empty file list problem and proceeding down the page to the “Save” button. Worked…
All best, Michael