How would I make a carved top guitar (or violin, etc.)?

I was trying to draw a hollowbody electric guitar but got stuck at the carved top (and backside). In pic 1 and 2, I start with the general extrusion of the body, then, I exploded the surfaces so I could rebuild the front face to get edit points on it. I then moved strategic points outward, making the “bulge” in the guitar’s top. However, it moved the edge (see pic 3) of the front face ( the guitar’s top) and I could not re-join the surfaces (sides, back, front). I think you can see where I’m going, but what is the right method for performing this task? Obviously I’m not doing this right. Thanks for any advice-

Hello- here’s one way -


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subd can get you there-

guitar_demo.3dm (1.2 MB)

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