How would history help here in making FilletEdge appear on all copies?

I have created some numbers on a disc, hand crafted.
I then have copied it and added an object, then copied it and edited a shape, and then another copy for where I union all .
When I filletEdge the number , I wonder if there is or was a way of having that fillet appear on those copies ?

If I should have run record history before making the copies, would that have seen all get filleted ?

I find that initiating record history sees it ‘live’ then turn off on its own.

One doesnt always plan on making copies, approaches change as a job evolves. A lot can be done with hindsight.

Apart from History, a,d not sure if it would be the fix here, what other method would see all copies fillet at same time ?



images or a file as examples?

sounds like something that could be automated with grasshopper, but without something to look at I’m guessing.

History is usually broken if you modify the copies (children). So it’s unlikely you can do what you describe above in basic Rhino. As you are modifying the copies individually, even something parametric like Grasshopper isn’t going to help much I think.