How to write script in Python for SetPt Command

I’d like to write script in Python for SetPt Command.

“SetPt” command ( and some other cases ) shows specific option dialog to input, I’d like to set the options from script.

Where can I find these method ?

Hi Katsu,

you could always use a the hyphened version of the command like so:

   rhinoscriptsyntax.Command('_-SetPt ...

it will suppress the dialog and prompt to the commandline instead:

Location for points ( XSet=Yes YSet=Yes ZSet=Yes Alignment=World Copy=No ):


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Here is a sample in C#:

You should be able to translate into Rhino.Python.

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Hi Willem

This is simple and easy way.
Thank you very much .


Hi dale,

Thank you very much.

I was moved by your code.

I found SetPt command is not a special function, but only a transform…