How to write script drawing InterpCrv from Poliline vertex


I have to convert many polylines into smooth curve through each vertex.
But I could not find such command for converting in Rhinoceros 5.

Each Polyline does not have many vertexes.( approximately 5 to 8 )

I’d like to know how to write script that operate InterpCrv from Poliline vertex
using Python script.


You could, I suppose, use the CurveThroughPolyline command.

Hi, thanks.

I have tried CurveThroughPolyline Command with Interpolate option.
but it looks very different from InterpCrv in result.

Can I get the same result of it with InterpCrv?

I prefer the result in shape of InterpCrv Command.

I got the same result of InterpCrv Command with option Knot=Chord option in CurveThroughPolyline.

I have overlooked knot option.

Thank you very much.