How to write math formula on GH canvas?

Is it possible to write equations in GH on Canvas?
something like that?
I could not find in ‘Scribble’ options
I guess maybe there is some way to do it


you can use the expression component.

Looks like Pterodactyl | Food4Rhino has some LaTeX functionality

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unfortunately it does not look good as per equation…this is only for documenting

You can write it like this (9.3 KB)

Or maybe this help if you want write math equation

thanks all for the help and suggestions I tried most of them…

  1. I like this math editor but there is no way to load this into Grasshoper
    I wish Scribble could read and support this…

<math xmlns=""><msub><mi>p</mi><mi>v</mi></msub><mo>=</mo><msub><mi>p</mi><mi>w</mi></msub><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mo>-</mo><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mfrac><mrow><mo>(</mo><msub><mi>p</mi><mi>b</mi></msub><mo>-</mo><msub><mi>p</mi><mi>w</mi></msub><mo>)</mo><mo>(</mo><msub><mi>t</mi><mi>d</mi></msub><mo>-</mo><msub><mi>t</mi><mi>w</mi></msub><mo>)</mo></mrow><mrow><mn>1544</mn><mo>-</mo><mn>1.44</mn><mo>&#xd7;</mo><msub><mi>t</mi><mi>w</mi></msub></mrow></mfrac></math>

  1. I tried Pterodactyl 2.0.0 and I really like the idea but it needs paid Typora, opensource is not available anymore it looks…
    On top of this, it does not look like it was calculated and formatted correctly. (18.9 KB)

I wish Grasshopper would support and recognize MathML

Why not just add an image with the formula?

it does not look great or is editable in any sense…

but if we stuck to this option I guess in the end is the most readable…
I wish in the year 2023 when AI is flying all around we could write math formulas…seems this is beyond current technology … I will also test texstudio

Hi Michal -

FWIW, if you can write that in Rhino using the SLF-RHN Architect font, you can explode the text and replace a canvas scribble with those curves…


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Just for fun:

You can, of course, write this in a Scribble if you use Reverse Polish notation :wink:

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You and me both. It is shockingly disappointing how many (what I would consider) basic features are lacking entirely in operating systems.

The fact that RTF is still a thing in 2023 just baffles the mind.

this looks like a great solution with current limitation,

  1. so you write in Rhino

  2. then explode and move letter to get subscript


  1. how do you load this into GH scribble ?

ps. I love this forum for always unlimited and original way of doing things :slight_smile:

Hi Michal -

Well, that would be one way. I looked for an online \LaTeX editor, printed the result to PDF, and imported that PDF into Rhino.

Then put that in SLF-RHN Architect and exploded. Move and scale curves as required.

You create a scribble in GH, right-click, and pick Load from Rhino. Then select the curves in Rhino.
(You can first send the scribble to Rhino to make sure that the text curves are somewhat in the correct position).


This is a way to show curves as image in Grasshopper viewport or with image resource component.

Graphic+ plugin must be installed

image on (23.2 KB)

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Nice link, @seghierkhaled, thanks.

For anyone installing this from Food4Rhino, I got a Windows warning that F4R was trying to open the WIP - this can be ignored as it actually opened R7. This is presumably another example of Windows being unable to identify different versions of Rhino. Note too that you can bypass F4R and install directly from the Package Manager in R7.


Hey @wim,

If I right click on a scribble I get this menu, not yours:

Same in R7 and WIP and in G2.

Do you maybe have a McNeel internal build?


@wim meant a Sketch I think.

The fun is just getting started !


How about this:

Cheers, Jaro

I made subscripts !!! :joy: (22.6 KB)

Definitely in the need of sleep :smiley:
Enough absurdity for one day !

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Pterodactyl doesn’t need paid Typora, you can try with MarkText which is open-source: GitHub - marktext/marktext: 📝A simple and elegant markdown editor, available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

Typora is just a preferred editor :slight_smile: