How to wrap facade element around outside face of arc

Hello, i have made a facade with these panels but they don’t quite stay on the outside of the face like i intend show in the screen shot at the top of the model. Any suggestions how to attach it so its completely on the outside and the arc doesnt cut through it.

9.5 arc data tree practice.3dm (210.0 KB) 9.5 data tree arch (37.1 KB)

You rebuild the loft surface, so the shape of the surface doesn’t correspond with the arcs anymore.
I’ve disconnected the loft options component.

For the panels I’ve created two offset surfaces that don’t collide with the arcs.9.5 data tree arch (38.2 KB)
Is this what you are trying to achieve?

Yes this is perfect and thank you for explaining to me why its doing that as built from the loft instead of the arc.