How to work with STL model

Hello guys!

I’m working from a STL model and I’d like to know, how can I Extract surfaces or curves from a STL model.

Is-it possible to get the outlines using an intersection booléen beetwen surfaces planes and STL model??

This my model file.

tube.stl (560.1 KB)
Thanks for your help!

No need for a “Boolean” command - you can use Intersect. But a more efficient method to obtain the planar curves would be to use Section or Contour commands.

The results of Intersect, Section or Contour (or a Boolean command) will be polylines. Use FitCrv to convert to degree 3 NURBS curves if desired.

Or since the object appears to be several cylinders the Cylinder command could be used to directly model the object.

What will the object be used for in Rhino?

i agree, that will take about 30 seconds. any other effort would be just ridiculous compared. if you have further models which may be more complex than that, then the story may look completely different. since stl is actually a mesh, you would have to reverse engineer the shape which is basically remodelling it. sometimes a quick approach can be to create sections with the command Section then rebuild them with RebuildCrvNonUniform and loft. but that entirely depends on what shapes you have to deal with.

here i most certainly would just rebuild it with Cylinder and Tube.