How to watch/synchronise a folder?

The “Path” component in Grasshopper makes it possible to watch for file changes (by enabling the Synchronise option). That doesn’t seem to work if I input a folder path instead – no update is triggered if I change the folder contents.

Is is possible to achieve this somehow? I would like to auto-update my script when the folder contents change.

Just a Guess:

Try Disable the component and Enable it again.
Try Disable Solver and Enable it again.
Try Recompute.

Thanks for the reply @zach5 !

Enabling/Disabling etc doesn’t help though. Please see the gh definition below. Listening for file changes works, but when a folder/directory is selected as the path, nothing happens when its content changes (or even when the folder is deleted).

What I want to achieve is to have some component react to changes in a specific folder on my computer.

folder (16.4 KB)