How to V Engrave Text

Hey, I was looking for a way to engrave text such that it has a V-shaped cross section (as it would when engraveing with a V bit. Does anyone know an easy way to model this? Thanks!

@blindsagacity I would use text object as curves to create text outline then you would have to manually create a centre line for each letter. Offset or move the centre lines down by your amount then create surfaces from centre line up to outline.

I am not sure there is any automated way to do it. Depends on font and size I guess.

Thanks for the reply, Ideally I’m looking for an automated way to do it. Mapping out centerlines for this would be really time consuming for the scale I want to do this at. Thanks again!

This is better done by other software. It’s more of a tool path thing than a modelling thing. I use Vectric VCarve Pro, and it does the job nicely.

Am I wrong in assuming that you need single lines for V-cut engraving anyway? In that case you would have to use text objects with a single line font to begin with.

Given that engraving is just ‘negative’ embossing, I am getting somewhere by using the “Boss” command, using the tapered option and closed curves created with offset/rounded corners/round caps/both sides. But I am not getting consistent results.