How to use toolbars in V8?

Can someone explain the structure of toolbars in V8? I mean, what is the concept and how do I use it?

To start with, what are containers vs libraries vs toolbars?
Is this still being worked out?
Is it no longer possible to import images for buttons? I only see the option to use .svg files or draw my own in Rhino.

  • Containers are just entities that contain stuff. This stuff can be Toolbars, Panels, or both. Very similar to a DIV container in html if you are familiar with that.
  • Libraries are the collections of Toolbars. One library can be what you would call a rui file in Rhino 7 and earlier.
  • Toolbars are collections of Buttons
  • Buttons give access to 1 or 2 Macros
  • Macros are the combination of icon(s) and a the Command, Macro or Script

No, only SVG. You can however still import older toolbars that contain images.

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Hi @Gijs

On the subject of toolbars, do you think the UI is stable enough to add the SVG icons without them disappearing? It’s frustrating to spend the time just to find some missing next time you open the WIP. I’ve been through it a couple of times.



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I was wondering about this for a long time, and then it finally clicked:

containers, are a pretty cool concept :beers: :sunglasses:

@DanBayn Unfortunately not until this YT is resolved.

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