How to use SimpleRemesh?

SimpleRemesh almost always breaks with “Solution exception:Index was outside the bounds of the array”. I find it very difficult to create an initial mesh (I am mostly using triangular meshes) which works. @DanielPiker Any hints regarding what I have to look out for to get it working?

I have been wanting to post this same question as I consistently get that same error despite hooking up the component correctly (as far as I know).

Same here, index out of bounds… Every time.

// Rolf

The RemeshByColour component seems to be working more reliable.

Yes, sorry everyone, the SimpleRemesh component is broken. I’ll try and get it fixed soon.


Hello Daniel. Thanks for the effort! Is there some progress on SimpleRemesh? I downloaded Kangaroo 2.5, where is seems still to be broken. Is there some workaround to bypass this component till it’s being fixed? Thanks.

I’m also waiting… :slight_smile:

// Rolf

Still waiting :nerd_face:

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  1. Solution exception:Unset index, cannot continue.
    Unless this component runs correctly, I cannot use my mesh in Kangaroo.