How to use/install "Rhino 5 for Windows" help without permanent internet connection?



The help file is installed with Rhino - C:\Users"UserName"\AppData\Local\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Localization\en-US\Help

Hi cadmaster,

when I press F1 for Help, my browser opens and connects to:

How to switch to local help files?



Check the settings:

Hi codemaster,

I have this setting. I have tested this now on another machine too.

  1. machine connects to internet help
  2. machine opens help from harddisk

Both are Rhino 5 64-bit SR11 installations.

Any other ideas?



P.S.: Hi @thomas, also the menu topic “Häufig gestelle Fragen (FAQ)” links here to a not existing webpage

Hi @Michael_Meyer,

thank you for your observation!

There is already an open bug about some problems with the redirects. I added a note with your comment.


I think this is fixed now. The problem was on our web server, and should immediately start working correctly for you.