How to use Grasshopper Tekla Live Link in Rhino 8 and Rhino 7?

Hello Sebastian,

Thank you for moving forward and all the improvements!

Updated with the latest version, but still getting the same error. I reckon the crash log is pretty much the same, but am attaching it here anyway.
TeklaStructures.crash.log (60.7 KB)

Good to hear!

Strange, but for me it is still the same. Though not disturbing much, as it is clear how to handle it.

Hmm, I tried reinstalling this just now with the tsep in the link, and these issues don’t occur on my system any more even though they used to. Tested with 2022 & 2024 and works fine in both. Need to try and have a colleague install this from scratch to see if we can replicate that way.

However, if you still have patience… :pray: Since both fixes failed on your end, you could check that the files have actually been updated - I’m thinking that the installation could have failed if a crashed TS instance or other background process locks the files. E.g. here I see that we have all the files modified at the same, and matching the time when I installed the extension:

You might or might not have the .config file.

And also maybe make sure that there aren’t any other GrasshopperComponentPlugin.dll:s anywhere in the Enviroments folders.



Hello Sebastian,

I have as much patience as it takes! :wink:
Thank you for the tip! Somehow GrasshopperComponentPlugin.dll did not get updated yesterday and it was from 21.03 in the specified folder. It was strange as well that GH component plugin was not there in the Extension Manager. Removed all the files in the folder and repeated the installation. It works without an error now! Perfecto!

This works as well! Great! Thank you a lot!

I am happy to admit that, with these issues tackled, Tekla GH link in Rhino8 works for me as nicely as it was for Rhino7 before! Well done, Sebastian! :+1:


Good to hear! Thanks for all the feedback, with this sorted I think we can soon put out the “official” packages for Rhino 8 & Tekla 2024.