How to use FileSystem (filePath) with Rhino.compute when reading a file


I’m trying to read/open an obj file with grasshopper in rhino Compute !

For this topic i’m running a local version of rhinoCompute

I succeed to open and read file thank’s to Compute.rhino3d.appserver partially empty output when using THREE.JS STL loader - #2 by fraguada

It’s working well in Grasshopper if I have a filepath (local filesystem) parameter, and I know for sure the process is working with rhino.compute when i’m sending data as b64Text.

But : If i’m sending a parameter with filepath to GH definition in RhinoCompute, my local filepath is not known by RhinoCompute

So, Where can I place my file to open and What is the king of filepath name can I used for my file to be knowned by RhinoCompute ?

Thank’s in advance

Oh I finally found out what I was looking for :

In order to use the files in Rhino.Compute I have to place my .obj : C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\ ....

So I can access data from the local Rhino… I wonder if it’s the same way of working in PROD