How to Use Field Lines to Rotate Geometry?


I have created some field lines which I would like to use to affect the rotation of a collection of geometry. (The ovals should follow the same flow/direction as the field lines). I cannot figure out how to link these two data sets, I have tried using curve closest point to get the direction of the field lines but that doesn’t seem to be working. Any help greatly appreciated! (421.6 KB)

you could use Evaluate Field at original points location (coming from the Populate Geometry) and use those vectors to align the planes to which the ovals are oriented (it also requires to rotate the planes extra 90 degrees otherwise ovals will be oriented longitudinally [is that even a word?!?] :slight_smile: ) (428.9 KB)


You my dear sir, are a legend. Thanks for the solution, I didn’t know the evaluate field node existed!!