How to use Eto PixelLayout on Windows and Mac in Python script that trims mesh to curve

I would not use PixelLayout, however tempting. When people scale their UIs (which is also possible in Windows), such attempts fall quickly apart.

Better to use TableLayout or something similar.

Ok, I will look at TableLayout in more detail.


Do you have a TableLayout example that you can point me to? I am making zero progress in getting this to work so far.


Hi Terry,

It looks like this should be possible though Eto (though I agree that PixelLayout will not be worth the headaches)

I am giving up on using PixelLayout. I was able to redo the form using only DynamicLayout. It is not quite as pretty but plenty good enough. I even added a Tooltip for each field so that even I can remember what it does.


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