How to use bool SetObjRefValues(int value_id, int count, const CRhinoObjRef* or) when write History in c++?

In this sample

bool CCommandSampleHistory::WriteHistory(CRhinoHistory& history, CRhinoObjRef Crv0, CRhinoObjRef Crv1)
  if (!history.SetObjRefValue(0, Crv0))
    return false;

  if (!history.SetObjRefValue(1, Crv1))
    return false;


  return true;

when the Crv0 or Crv1 is the ON_ClassArray< CRhinoObjRef >, how I can I Write and Read it ?

Hi @suc_kiet,

My apologies, but I do not understand your question. Rhino is responsible for archive all history records. Is this your question? Of not please try to explain further what problem you are trying to solve.


– Dale

He meant probably is in the sample, just write a object, now he have a loft of object in the Array, how to write into history :stuck_out_tongue: