How to upload files on websites

I have created a workflow to automatically generate something. In this workflow first user defines some inputs in grasshopper using components that have been prepared for them. Then a rule-based algorithm converts the geometrical input to numerical values and saves them as CSV files. Next, the CSV data will be fed into a DL model in a Jupyter notebook. The model generates something and returns numerical values and saves them in CSV format. then the CSV files get back to rhino-grasshopper. Therefore, the user can extend the design there.
I’m trying to automate the whole process of data transformation from the grasshopper to the model, and from the model to the grasshopper. I should build a web-based app for the DL model which receives data from grasshopper and returns the solution to it all in CSV formats. To test the idea, I built a simple app using streamlit on huggingface that receives an array of numbers in CSV format and multiplies each element of the array by 10, and returns it as a CSV file. At first, you need to upload a CSV file, and then a download button will appear so that you can click on it and download the content. The problem is that I do not know how to upload the file from grasshopper to this website. Here is the app’s URL: Streamlit
I will truly appreciate any suggestion in this regard. Thank you very much for your time.